Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm a masochist, apparently.

When I submitted "Fire in the Blood" last week, I thought that I didn't have anymore deadlines for the rest of the year.

I was a filthy liar.

About an hour or so after I submitted the story, I found a new sub call for an anthology dealing with body enhancements gone wrong.  I decided to write up the brain transplant idea I've had since I was around fourteen.  The deadline's November 30, which was bad until I saw "or until filled."  The editor is only accepting twenty stories for the anthology, and it already has sixteen. D:

Then, a few days after that, I saw a sub call for a Valentine's Day-themed anthology.  I started a story years ago, like, before junior year of college, that would fit.  I just had to finish it.  The deadline's December 1, which isn't horrible.  My main problem is that the story has to be rated PG, which isn't an easy task for Lil Miss Violence and Swears.  (I should have a t-shirt made.)

Before I could go to bed...last night?  Thursday morning?  Anyway, I had to make a project list for the next several months.  I figured if I wrote something up and tape it to my wall, I'd be less likely to shirk my responsibilities.  (By the way, "Inheritance" is the story I describe as, "necromancer doesn't know she's a necromancer, featuring Paco the Skeleton".)

I decided to add the picture because it accurately represents my feelings.  The next few months should be fun.  (Of course, if I get a real job, this will all pretty much go out the window...)

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