Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wherein I'm attached to things

I had a thought today.  As much as I want to get "Lessons," the vampire hunter story, published, I think I'll wait a bit.  I'm having some issues finding a good market for it.  One, it's a vampire story that's not exactly horror.  That's an issue because a lot of markets are all vampired out.  Two, it's 5,745 words long.  The cutoff for many markets is 5,000 words.  I'd cut 745 words out of it, but there's no way I can.

Sure, there are some markets that'd publish it, but, to be honest, they don't pay much.  I know in the past I've been just trying to get stuff published, but I put too much time, too much effort, too many emotions into it to sell it for five dollars.  I deserve way more than that.

So, it's just going to sit on my hard drive for a bit, waiting for the right man publication to come along.  Until then, I'll work on something else.

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