Thursday, September 22, 2011

Staying Busy

My dragon flu story, "Fire in the Blood" is with my critique partner for the third time.  I probably won't have to do much to it now when she gets it back to me, hopefully, so my mind is on the next thing.  I have a list of dozens of story ideas I should work on, and I have a few partially-written stories on my hard drive waiting for me to finish them.  I don't know what to pick next, though.

I have a problem.  I have issues with just writing a story and finishing it just because I want to write it.  I have to have a home for it in mind beforehand.  "Fire in the Blood" is one example, as is my vampire hunter story "Lessons," as is everything else I write, it seems.  Even if I've had the idea for years, I can't get it out until there's a sub call.  Take the novelette I wrote, Strange Days.  I had the idea since I was fourteen or fifteen.  It sat in the back of my head for ten years until a press was doing an angel anthology.  I started writing the story for that, but quickly blew past the maximum word count.

Now that I think about it, I can't think of anything I've had published that wasn't for something.  Even if it didn't get in the anthology or whatever that I intended, I wrote or rewrote the story for that thing.  Huh.

On that note, I already have three deadlines for myself next year.  They're in January, March, and June, so no pressure.  Probably.  For two of the anthologies, there are stories already started.  For the one in March, however, it's just a vague idea I have that I have to flesh out.  We'll see if that deadline whooshes by.

Well, staying busy is better than nothing, right?

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